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  1. I’m enjoying your Chaos very much at the moment. It will certainly be the best book I read this year. I hope you can devote more time to investigating other CIA operations in the coming years. Something more recent.

  2. Hi Tom, Excellent book. I learned in the book that I lived down the street from Charles Manson in the late 60s in the Haight. Yipes, and no I was not a hippie! I would also be interested in learning more direct connections with the CIA should you come across them. I had also read the book on the Tavistock Institute in the UK. Mansion was mentioned in that book.

  3. Hello Tom, I have finished reading your Chaos and am currently going over it again to read the sections I have skipped over. I’m saddened that in the end you aren’t able to establish definitively that the Manson murders are a MKULTRA operation, even though all available evidences point to that direction. I hope you can investigate more recent CIA or government operations, but I guess you are in no mood to spend another 20 years on a book.

    I just want to suggest to you, in case you haven’t heard much about this, that, in the past 50 years, US mind-control technology has advanced so much that MKULTRA practically sounds like a joke today. The recent advance is due largely to the newly emergent brain-computer interface technology. Between 2000 and 2010, the Pentagon was able to invent these nano-size chips to implant into the target person’s brain. The chips are so small that no X-ray and so on can ever detect them, except the carbon nanotubes that serve as their antenna. The implantation requires no surgery and can be done without the target person’s awareness. Once implanted, the target person becomes interfaced with a computer back at the military base. With a mind-reading dictionary installed, the computer can translate the target person’s brain activity patterns to enable the military personnel to read the target person’s thoughts. The personnel can then remotely control the target person on their computer by stimulating the various regions of the target person’s brain. The target person is thus a remotely controlled robot without even knowing it. The computer can also predict the target person’s future thoughts, so that the personnel can read on their computer what the target person will do tomorrow on 5:35 PM before the target person has ever thought about what to do tomorrow on 5:35 PM.

    Chips in the brain are increasingly common in medicine, and Brown University’s BrainGate II is most similar to the Pentagon chips I have just described, except that the Pentagon chips are nano-size and undetectable. Whenever I see mass murders on the news, I would wonder whether the killer was remotely controlled by somebody in the government to go berserk.

  4. Tom, I forgot to inform you that, because I’m designated as a txxxxxxxx by the Department of Homeland Security, my endorsement of your book is probably no good news for you, and other websites were typically screwed when I left comments on there.

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