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  1. Tom,

    Looking forward to reading your book sounds like a fascinating read that will finally blow off the lid on this most infamous case. The interview with George Knapp on Coast To Coast was an eye opener of this old familiar piece of history indelibly stamped into my memory as I was there watching the made for tv movie when it premiered, Helter Skelter and the Charles Manson story. Thank you for your dedication to this Investigation and searching for the real truth… 🤔🙄😊👍

  2. to add a couple of plays to your topnotch playbook called CHAOS , I would suggest manson sending bruce davis to England while he(manson) was going thru the scientology phase…scientology,i believe, was a psyop launched out of the tavistock institute in London, tavistock propagandizing moneymaking wars in which the international petrotrust sells to all sides…it seems to me that the manson murders were part of many destabilizing events that took place in the 60’s that propagandized the anti-war movement…

    the other play I would like to add would be looking at an offshoot of scientology called the process church of the last judgement which had its tent pitched in the haight at the time the family was being set up there…I’ve got some good info on that and would like to meet up to exchange thoughts…my email is ogledob@gmx.com..thanks again for the very relevant book and keeping the fire going as we are not out of the woods yet…

  3. Have copyrighted unreleased manuscript by Walter R Buchanan retired LAPD title is Documentary LSD trip with the Charles Manson family by Walter R Buchanan in library of Congress recorded June10,75 crude, rough draft manuscript never released to the public contact me

  4. Hey Tom,

    What a great book, thank you! Unbelievable dedication and reporting.

    After reading it I was wondering if you ever found anything that linked John Lennon’s murder to Project MKUltra?

    I’ve always found that a strange case.



  5. Hey Tom,

    What a great book, thank you! Unbelievable dedication and reporting.

    After reading it I was wondering if you ever found anything that linked John Lennon’s murder to Project MKUltra?

    I’ve always found that a strange case.



  6. Hey Tom. Excellent work. I wanted to know if you had heard of Neil Sanders take on all this?? He does a really good job lifting alot of the fog and deadend thoughts. He does have a book, but he was also interviewed and explains a real complete take. Very very compelling!!! He takes all the scattered pieces and confusion, and puts them together.. I think you’d really enjoy it… I’ll copy and paste the youtube link.

    I think theres 3 stories:

    *The Official story ( the mainstream story)
    *The Tom Oneil story
    *The Neil Sanders story

  7. It’s not much, but I want to say thank you for dedicating so much of yourself to get Chaos out. I can’t imagine your work on this will ever be complete, but this finished product is a well organized rollercoaster; it’s mind boggling and so intriguing! Even just to be an assistant combing through all of your research and findings would be an amazing experience. Now I’m off to see if I can find the recording of your repeated do-over conversation with Bugliosi, ha!

  8. I am 74yrs, lived through the sixties never in California. I found your book riveting. I read in a day and a half. It brought forth so many lies, cover ups, webs of such that still exist today. I’ve always believed that we have to continue to question all “official,” sources. Thank you sovery much for your unrelenting pursuit of truth at all costs. You are a true hero, at much personal cost. I look forward to other books by you. Thank you again.

  9. Hey Tom,

    I’ve just finished the book, and now i understand why it took 20 to complete it. Its a masterpiece. Just wanted to say million of thanks for it. Hopefully more people will read it and they could see the bigger picture behind the Manson murders.

    Stay safe 🙂

  10. Hi Tom – This is flat out the best book I’ve ever read. I’m 39 years old and since I was a teenager I’ve been fascinated with the bizarre nature of the Manson murders and the Helter Skelter movie. To have a story that’s intrigued you for that many years get essentially rewritten to an even more interesting and detailed account is something that rarely happens. Your timing was great as you got key interviews with people like Melcher and Bugliosi before they passed away. You got access to documents that it doesn’t sound like anybody will get access to again. And you had 20 years time – not your initial intent of course – to dig insanely deep and ultimately put together an incredibly well written 400 page book that we all get to read in a few days time. You rock Tom! I will say the theory of the Tate/LaBianca murders being copycat murders to get Beausoliel exonerated from the Hinman murder was something I hadn’t heard before and stays at the forefront of my mind days after reading the book. And you closed things out with a BANG with the page turning details of the Tenerelli case – something else I’d never heard or read about before. Fascinating stuff! If you need help researching or writing the next book I’d love to help 🙂

  11. I have been reading Chaos and I have one very important comment. On page 375 there is the explanation of the brutal killing ofTusko, the elephant. In Tom O’Neill’s words, “there were no animal rights groups then”.
    I am a militant animal rights supporter and Tom needed to do a little more research before he made this statement. The ASPCA was founded in 1866, American Humane in1877 and Humane Society of
    the United States in 1954. Apparently no one conducting these torturous experiments gave two hoots about the life of the elephant.
    Just wanted to set you straight regarding animal rights organizations. At this point, there are probably almost 500 more.

  12. I can’t possibly express it better than do the previous comments. Your book is head spinning, a bit depressing (all of the exposed corruption) and a treasure for having shone a light on truth in such a well written form. I am happy to have my limited knowledge of, and my visceral response to, government validated.
    (p. 392, 3rd paragraph…I may be wrong, but I think you meant to say “fortieth anniversary”)

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