Tom O’Neill is an award-winning investigative journalist and entertainment
reporter whose work has appeared in national publications such as Us, Premiere, New York, The Village Voice and Details. His book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties was published by Little, Brown in the summer of 2019 (paperback in the summer of 2020).

To see original documents, video clips of archival material and to listen to selected audio excerpts of author’s interviews with subjects from the book, please go to Instagram or Facebook pages.

Instagram: chaoscharlesmanson

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Twitter: chaosmansonbook

YouTube: @chaoscharlesmanson7342


436 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Thank you Tom, great research, great read. Let’s not forget, there were 4330 domestic bombings in the US in 1969. Your book clearly demonstrates how Charles Manson was an operative working in Hollywood to defame the revolution of the 60’s. A complex and negative PR campaign orchestrated by the CIA or ‘murder Inc’ to turn the tide of the American psyche against the communal, defiant, unified, and militant anti-establishment.

    Textbook counter intel coming down the sewer pipe from the highest levels. They were terrified that we the people saw through their rolling meatballs in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Their strategy to lube the system with LSD as demonstrated in Acid Dreams, thank to the CIA via Leary, Oz and now clearly Charles Manson—17 million hits of panacea decimated the (R)evolution.

    Moving forward from the unrest, the ‘over lords’ stabilized the situation with Reaganomics and unlimited leveraging of debt. Turning the hippies into ‘yuppies’ and today we are all surrounded by the WWW! Meanwhile the extreme white wing has their ‘Citizens United’, which truly was the fatal blow to an already weak American democracy.

    These are scary times.

    • Lmao! White wing. You lefties are really looney. Communism, Globalism and the Technocracy are the real problem and the real threat to “democracy” stop buying the BS.

  2. Have you read ‘Family of Secrets’ by Russ Baker about the Bush family and the JFK conspiracy? It may fill in some missing links if you have any…

  3. I just finished listening to your book chaos. I’m gay and would love to talk to you about your research and publication. My boyfriend and I are very normal and maybe even boring. But from what I heard in your book, I would love to talk to you more. I can provide more than wine and pizza. A home cooked meal and some great conversation. You probably get these invitations all the time. But I am sincere in wanting to discuss your book, and have a nice evening. If you’re interested please call or text. 559-308-5842.
    Kyle Anderson.

  4. Tom- Great book. I read somewhere in the early 2000’s that Jolly West was a physician of record for Timothy McVeigh. It seems to me that Alex Jones also reported the same thing. Thanks for the great book! Can’t wait for the next. Keith Ochs

  5. When I started reading Chaos, I almost went and got my own wipe board to keep the characters straight! And Jolly West, if it wasn’t for his age, I would have thought he came straight from Nazi Germany. It’s truly mind boggling how the government covers things up and still is.

  6. I’m going to ask this a few places,(fb, instagram), forgive me if its been asked 100x’s. Did you EVER get to interview Linda Kasabian? Or talk to someone who knew her (story), knew her personally?

  7. Fascinating book, and I’m now rereading chunks of it right after finishing because there’s so much to absorb. Really impressive work. CHAOS benefits from dedication to facts, identifying gaps and inconsistencies, and not drawing conclusions from circumstantial evidence. A smoking gun wouldn’t change the main take away — sufficient evidence exists to question the factuality of the “official” narrative of the Tate-LaBianca murders.

    Bobby Beausoleil is a critical footnote here. You mention Manson’s connection to musicians like the Beach Boys and Neil Young, and Beausoleil was likely a key link there. He was connected to the Sunset Strip and Laurel Canyon when he formed the pre-cursor to seminal band Love with Arthur Lee and Bryan MacLean (originally The Grass Roots), and his advanced musicality would align him with a studied musicologist like Gary Hinman. Unlike Mike Deasy who flirted only briefly with The Family, Beausoleil was deeply enthralled with Manson and would have lent his musical ambition greater credibility. Melcher would have definitely been hip to Beausoleil and his musical collaborators.

    I need to read Waiting for the Sun again in light of CHAOS. After learning about Bugliosi I’m glad I only borrowed a copy of Helter Skelter ahead of reading CHAOS — CHAOS deserves the $ investment. Thank you.

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