14 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Really enjoyed your book. I hope you get paid royally for your herculean efforts.
    Also being from Philadelphia, I was curious if you knew where George Spahn lived in Chestnut Hill? Thanks, way to go.

  2. Just finished CHAOS, great read, thank you for devoting so much of your life to shining a flashlight into the corners of this great mystery.

    Now I wish it were four books or five – one on just the San Fancisco days and the forming of the Family, one on Hollywood in the late 60’s, one on the Ranch days, one on intelligence connections throughout, and maybe one that follows the full timeline in order from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

    Again, thank you!


  3. Hi Tom! I’ve always been fascinated by this case. My dad moved out to LA in the mid seventies and told me stories about Hollywood and how there were still Manson holdovers floating around the city. I just moved to Los Angeles a little over a week ago and I’ve been reading your book. I’m two hundred pages in and I cannot thank you enough for devoting all of your time and energy for twenty years in to this. It’s fascinating and informative. I wish you all the best!

  4. Thank you for taking such risks to write this book. I couldn’t put it down and went back to reread much of it. Did you ever look into the Hollywood Hospital that operated in Vancouver, BC? They were notorious for treating alcoholism and homosexuality with LSD straight from the lab in Switzerland. A few celebs used to go there for LSD treatment such as Cary Grant, Ethel Kennedy, and Andy Williams. I often wondered if the CIA was involved with that little operation of Dr. Ross McLean.

  5. Hello Tom and thank you for your excellent effort and research which I cannot put down. It reminds me of Maury Terry’s definitive work on the New York shootings in 1977- his book was The Ultimate Evil and his research led him into realizing the connections between the Manson family and the Satan worshiping group in New York. Six years ago I had a novel published Imagery: The Day Before on the world after the war with Iran a world of global militarism. It is available from Friesenpress.com and from Amazon. Thank you again! Willard Payne-Flossmoor, IL

  6. Hi Tom. I had a question about someone named Jauques Honduras. In the documentary Inside the Manson Gang the director/narrator claims that someone named Jauques Honduras(not sure if I’m spelling that right) who was Close to Tate told her to stay away from the house til her baby was born. I was wondering if you knew who this person was and if you had any contact with him. I can’t find any info on this guy. There was a spoken word of sorts ecord released under the name but not sure if it’s the same guy.

    Anyway just finished CHAOS and really enjoyed it. Thanks

  7. Dear Tom, I just finished your book in two days and it was so good, I loved all the research you have done and the thoroughness. I hope one day this book gets adapted to film or a tv series because I would definitely watch it. Thank you for this great book and in the future I hope you will write more stuff.

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